Colors, smells, flavors and textures joined together to create a perfect sensorial experience.


Get a taste, get enchanted

Cooking is an art that has its inspiration not only in Culture but also in personal experiences. It is influenced by all around you.

The appetizing smell. The sweet, the salt, bitter and strong tastes dancing to conqueer your mouth. At the same time food brings people together, it creates sintony , awakes and synchrornizes different thoughts.
Be it by trying something different, redescovering or evoking flavors, in Jurerê Internacional you’ll find gastronomic options for all tastes, all times and for all companies. Afterall, we are in love with discovering, new flavors, experiences and, most importantly, people!

  • Hungry for what?

    For those who can't give up diversity, the tip is to enjoy many of Jurerê Internacional's Culinary choices. There are dozens of restaurants with different styles - in hotels, Jurerê Sports Center, beach clubs and Jurerê Open Shopping - that offer from italian cousine, going on to Japanese, German and fusion up to mediterranean.

  • In nature's company

    The beach clubs have different styles but something is present in all of them: one of the most beautiful views in Brazil. Opened all year round, they mix great food and amazing service not only in winter's quietness but also in summer's fever. It is the perfect oportunity to put together an awesome food with an even more awesome time.

  • Excelence everywhere

    Jurerê Internacional hosts, annualy, dozens of culinary events. The complete structure, safety and unique landscape atracts titles such as the Food Truck Festival and the Open Wine that offers international labels harmonized with the food from invited chefs. Don't miss that!

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