Adri Volpi

Adri Volpi is Plastic Artist licensed by CeArt UDESC. It has held solo exhibitions in Brazil, as well as Miami, Nova York e Paris. Some of his works have illustrated publications such as the collection of cards UNICEF, Marie Claire HK magazine and The Washington Post.

Attahualpa César

Brazilian photographer, based in Florianopolis; focuses its work in the areas of pictorials and customized business projects. Sensitivity and appreciation of your business.

Evandro Badin

Evandro Badin is a formation administrator but in love with photography, self-taught, no academic artistic formation. He began working with photography in the 90's. His work stands out through the sensibility in interpretating reality in an unconventional way. By drawing with light, his approach translate magical moments that become ethernal. From colors to black and white, he has a vast portifolio that brings up Macrophotography and beautiful landscapes.

Heloiza Averbuck | (51) 3307-3571
Heloísa Averbuck is a photographer, plastic artist and Lightining Designer. His work is authoral ans she has specialized in Digital Photography at ESPM - Superior Marketing and Advertising School, in Porto Alegre/RS.