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You know JIQS as Jurerê Internacional Sustainable Quality – the program that mantains and secures Amoraeville here in Jurerê Internacional, place of our residentes, but also considered one of the best and most well maintained parks in Florianópolis. People who like meditating or resting around its beautiful lakes, running, rollerblading, riding their bikes on its bicycle paths, and walking around on the large grass fields with their children or pets can enjoy the quality and management of those services. The JIQS is increasing its services to all and every residente who wants to share and  be part of the security, maintenance, cleanness and embellishment of the streets, woods and puplic spaces. We want you to feel safe, happy and enjoy the best of Jurerê Internacional.


Attention to detail, harmony with all.

Cleaning and conservation

The maintenance of the common areas is responsibility of the JIQS team, offering a practical and agile service to all who live or visit Jurerê Internacional.

Besides, JIQS also manages and maintains lots, mowing, cleaning, conserving and controling vegetation.

Building and renovation projects analysis

Every building in Jurerê should follow predetermined guidelines of construction and gound use. To ensure the alignment of your Project with this set of rules, the JIQS provides assistance.

The JIQS also analyses renovation projects, ensuring suitability to the construction guidelines of Jurerê Internacional.

Vigilance e Common Security

We have the Integrated Security Management, that joints public and private security, though, it joints especially security and individual contribution of each resident with the security of all in every area of Jurerê Internacional. This integrated management has its headquarter in our Common Security Base, and that allow us to monitor almost the entire residential. Apart from the 24-hour-a-day patrol, a mobile phone is also on standby to any emergency at any time of the day, wherever you are in Jurerê Internacional.

Building and renovation inspection

The monitoring of building contruction in Jurerê Internacional is also among the assignments of JIQS. This service ensures the alignment of the project with the construction guidelines as well as the peace of mind of the owners who are unable to attend the constructions.

Monitoring and Satisfaction

To promote the alignment of its actions with the owners’ expectations, the JIQS conducts systematic satisfaction surveys.

Maintenance of lots

Yet vacant lots and even private gardens – upon owner’s request – may be cleaned by the JIQS to ensure beauty and cleanness of the streets.

Monitoring of public paths

Security and conservation of paths, overpasses and sidewalks all over Jurerê Internacional is one of the assignments of the JIQS.


Guidance and supervision of environment legislation

Being so close to preservation areas, Jurerê Internacional is subject to specific legislation on the use of urban space.

Management and forwarding along public offices

Collaborative forwarding along public offices – as security requests or other services, streamlining processes that are usually slow.

action by JIQS

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Management process established by Habitasul Group to integrate the owners of Jurerê Internacional in the search of better solutions to all.

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