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Your open air shopping mall

To appreciate what life has to offer as good is the order of the day. To walk admiring beuty. To find exactly what you were looking for. To get special treatment. To gather friends for a coffee or even a drink on a happy hour with the pleasure of a good music.

At Jurere Open Shopping you can find the most diverse stores and brands that offer from female fashion, masculine and for kids to typical art from Florianópolis, from the art gallery to the spa, from services to the pleasures of the diverse gastronomy.
That is the Open Shopping Style. Most charming check point in Jurerê Internacional.

  • Quality and variety

    Open shopping gathers a diverse mix of stores. Many shopping options in one place with quality and variety just a feel steps away from the ocean. And the best, with all safety and charm of Jurere Internacional.

  • All ages

    Kids have their safe place in Jurerê Open Shopping. A recreational space with books, games and monitors that are available for those who do not go well without some good fun besides the two safe and fun little amusement parks.

  • Culture close enough

    The most famous open shopping in Brazil offers a very big cultural schedule. Along the path there are shows, expositions, desgustation and many other cultural events such as concerts that happen all year round, saturdays on Open Sound stage.

Jurerê Internacional
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