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Wonder yourself with the new. Live the pleasure of enjoying unique moments.


Live and discover Jurerê

The will to learn is human. It’s an inate and irresistable necessity, To discover is to wonder yourself with the new. It is to be face-to-face to the unseen, even if it does not change history or erase maps.

In Jurerê INternacional, to discover beauty is a daily exercise. Only here you may live Brazil’s history in São José da Ponta Grossa’s Fort on the same day you meet flora and fauna of the region in almost untouched trecking sites or swim the blue sea and enjoy one of the cleanest urban beaches in the world.

Only in Jurerê Internacional you live the best of nature with all facilities of the most charming and desired beach in Brazil.

  • History and nature

    Right beside Jurerê Internacional is the São José da Ponta Grossa Fort, one of the six forts built in the XVIII century to protect Santa Catarina's shore. Known as Jurerê Fort, the place has been completely restored and today nestles a museum that tells a good part pf the Island's history.

  • Trecks and sports

    Discover the beauties of Jurerê Intermacional while playing sports like trecking, cycling, jogging, stand up paddle, kite surf, sailing and swimming. Enjoy the valentine's path: 2km of an exclusive line that allows visitors to get in touch with the local flora along the way.

  • Enjoy the beach

    Clean and clear waters. White sand. Tranquility and excelent bar services, restaurants and support (toilets, trecking paths, gear rent). You'll find all of that in Jurerê Internacional's beach, one of the most charming places in Brazil.

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